Rhum Blanc Agricole - Joyau Macouba


Joyau Macouba is a  limited edition selected during the 2017 campaign for its aromatic profile. This white rhum expresses all the character and terroir of the Distillerie JM.

Thus, this special cuvée at 51.8% abv. was conscientiously selected during harvest by the tasting committee of J.M distillery, its unique aromatic profile perfectly reflects the character and terroir of J.M. distillery.

With only 45,000 bottles worldwide, JM Joyau Macouba Edition offers a sweet scent of cane flower, honey and lime on the nose, giving way to a touch of white pepper and floral notes in mouth. The tasting experience ends with aniseed and floral notes that add complexity to this white agricultural rhum to magnify the traditional Martinican Ti'Punch!


The story around the Joyau Macouba:

Through a real exotic patchwork, Rhum J.M. wishes to bring you to the heart of its environment, situated below the Mount Pelée and offers you its pretty jewel its AOC white agricole rhum.

Its design is a real invitation to discover this cocoon so well preserved. The collector will recognize in a few illustrations the icons of this jewel: the famous view overhanging the red roofs of the distillery, the bridge under which the spring water flows from the Mount Pelée, so precious for the distillation of its rum, one of the cane cutting machine that officiates on the 220 hectares of classified fields that surround the domain or last but not least the olfactory workshop where all the flavors of Rum J.M are revealed.

Capacity: 70cl

Degree: 51.8 °


Contenance : 70cl 
Degré : 51.8°


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