J.M Hors d’âge – Cuvée 1845

Origin of the product: A  Blend of 10 years old rums


Specificity: This cuvée is a blend of rums aged 10 years in used bourbon barrels, according to the tradition of JM vintage rums.


Nose: Its first nose has a beautiful aromatic expression, intense and rich. The aromatic palette is composed of quince jam, fruit spread, date, fig, nutmeg, and a delicate vanilla pod. This blend of 10-year-old rums confirms its  complexity when, in the bustle, seductive notes of blond tobacco and Martinican cocoa bean are unveiled.


Palate: Its palate is perceived in roundness, delicate and subtle on the fruity notes of the nose, embellished with touches of nutmeg and cinnamon. It then extends, like a veil over the tongue, a cloud of delicate and harmonious smoky oak. The whole brings to this Cuvée 1845 delicacy. All the know-how of JM Rums is present in the glass!


Final: The finish persists on the empyreumatic notes and more subtly the sweetness of the fruitiness.



Contenance : 70cl 
Vol : 42°


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