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Rhum j.m
The jewel of Martinique

rhum martiniquais

rhum j.m
The jewel of Martinique

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rhum agricole martiniquais
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La martinique

Tropical cradle of Rhum Agricole

Located in the heart of the Caribbean, it is in Macouba in the north-east of the island of Martinique (France) between the Roches River and the Macouba River that the Fonds-Préville Distillery was established in 1845. It is nestled at the foot of Mount Pelée in a green setting of incredible biodiversity.

The cane fields are in the immediate vicinity of the distillery, set in the middle of the 300-hectare Fonds-Préville estate created in 1790.

rhum martiniquais AOC


of excellence since 1845

Considered by the press and connoisseurs as the ‘best old rum in the world’, J.M creations have a unique flavour. Their superior quality is the result of generations of proven know-how and a tenacious desire to preserve traditional farming and production methods. The wild richness of this preserved terroir, its generous nature, its rich volcanic soil, its contrasting climate, its naturally filtered pure water and its extremely fresh sugar cane give all its character to this Martinique Agricultural Rum.

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Our rhum j.m collection

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Our rhums


(White 50°, White 55°, Shrubb)

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Our rhums

Old premiums

(Terroir Volcanique, VO, VSOP, XO)

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Our rhums

Old exclusives

(10 years, 15 years, Dame Jeanne)

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Our range


(Atelier range and Bitters)

A distillery commited

for biodiversity and nature

The Fonds-Préville Distillery benefits from an exceptional ecosystem in the heart of a tropical jungle at the foot of Mount Pelée.

Concerned about passing on this jewel of Martinique, we have been committed for several years now to the sustainable development of our ecosystems by adopting crop rotation, fallowing and a circular economy for our production where nothing is lost and everything is transformed.

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cocktails rhum


Our J.M. cocktails

A clever mix of exoticism

Rich in floral, gourmand and spicy aromas, J.M. Rums are the ideal ingredient for tasty cocktails. From the traditional Ti’ Punch to more complex elixirs, they seduce a large number of mixology professionals throughout the world. Discover, you too, how to make exceptional cocktails…we reveal our secrets.

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